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produce and take in a tag. is despatched when a particular ailment happens in your software.

execute a concept (MSG) instruction 5-9. Set Up the Components Regional Chassis Logix5000 controller. In this example, the controller in the nearby chassis can generates a tag that is consumed by the controller in the distant chassis.

The nearby controller can also deliver a MSG instruction to the remote controller. Details. Remote Chassis Logix5000 controller.

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Publication ENET-UM001C-EN-P – October 2004. Interlocking and Data Transfer involving Controllers. The Logix5000 controller in the regional chassis and in the remote chassis can be any of the subsequent, with their EtherNet/IP conversation modules:

  • 1756 ControlLogix controller with a 1756-ENBT communication module in the chassis
  • 1769-L35E CompactLogix controller with a built-in EtherNet/IP port
  • 1794 FlexLogix controller with a 1788-ENBT EtherNet/IP interaction card
  • PowerFlex 700S with DriveLogix controller and a 1788-ENBT EtherNet/IP interaction card Make sure that:
  • the IP addresses, and other community parameters if essential, are established for every EtherNet/IP interaction module
  • all wiring and cabling is correctly linked
  • the conversation driver (such as. , AB-ETHIP-1) is configured for the programming workstation If you are sharing tags in between ControlLogix controllers and the controllers are only sharing tags (not sending messages), set the interaction structure of the 1756-ENBT module to None.

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    Organize Tags for Generated or Eaten Info. As you manage your tags for generated or eaten information (shared information), follow these pointers:Create the tags at the controller scope. You can share only controller-scoped tags.

  • To share other details sorts, make a user-described info type that consists of the expected info. Use one of these details sorts:rn
  • Use the exact same data type for the developed tag and corresponding consumed tag or tags. rn
  • DINT
  • Authentic
  • array of DINTs or REALs
  • user-described Restrict the dimensions of the tag to ≤ 500 bytes.

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    If you have to transfer far more than five hundred bytes, produce logic to transfer the information in packets. Combine data that goes to the similar controller.

    If you are manufacturing a number of tags for the exact same controller:

  • Group the information into a single or far more consumer-described data types. (This makes use of significantly less connections than manufacturing just about every tag individually. )
  • Group the details in accordance to comparable update intervals. (To preserve network bandwidth, use a bigger RPI for a lot less crucial details. ) For illustration, you could develop 1 tag for facts that is significant and a further tag for knowledge that is not as essential. Publication ENET-UM001C-EN-P – October 2004. Interlocking and Facts Transfer among Controllers.

    Terminology A Logix5000 controller allows you develop (broadcast) and eat (receive) procedure-shared tags. Term:A tag that a controller makes out there for use by other controllers. Multiple controllers can simultaneously consume (acquire) the information.

    A created tag sends its information to one particular or extra consumed tags (customers) with out making use of logic. The produced tag sends its info at the RPI of the consuming tag. A tag that gets the data of a created tag. The details type of the consumed tag ought to match the details kind (together with any array dimensions) of the made tag.

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